We believe that the management of your weight and its affect on your health is a starting point not an ending point.

Why Choose Weight-Loss residence?

Science, Education and Support

For many, diabetes and obesity are life-long conditions, but they don’t have to be. It is well known that losing weight can cure diabetes, or at the very least dramatically decrease your dependence on medication. Unfortunately, as we all know, losing weight is far easier said than done.

Our inpatient program provides a unique, research- and outcomes – based approach, for those who have tried dieting at home and failed. We utilize a multi-disciplinary team of medical, nutrition, wellness and exercise professionals. Our medically-supervised approach includes medical- and nutrition-education, group therapy, health coaching, wellness programming and moderate exercise, to assure that you will leave with all the tools you need, to succeed in your weight loss journey, and to help your loved ones at home as well.

Equally importantly, as an alumnus of our program, your 8–10 member cohort remains connected for life using our peer-support portal, offering you lifetime alumni-cohort support for the rest of your journey.

Low impact water aerobics and arthritis exercises classes (heated pool)

Fitness training and moderate exercise (in our 12,000 sq/ft Wellness Center)

Group therapy, addiction counseling and emotional support

Health coaching, mindfulness training, massage, acupuncture, meditation and yoga for stress reduction

Private bedrooms with full private bath


“Weight-Loss Residence saved my life and my family!”
Bianca Mitch


Five Treatment Modalities:

Physician-prescribed weight-loss medications

Registered Dietician-directed meal planning (insulin-resistance diet)

Education on the hormone theory of obesity

Wellness training for stress reduction and better sleep

Light exercise, as tolerated (walking, aqua-stretch, introduction to circuit training)

2020 Weight-Loss Schedule

Customized program to

achieve your goals

Utilizing research-based, proven methods of weight-loss from around the world, we now bring our experience in individualized personal care to weight-loss and diabetes management in America.

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